Killing me softly with your smog

If you have a heart attack, and God forbid, you are a smoker; your Doctor will tell your family a few facts, and next day onwards you see a new type of hatred in the eyes of your near and dear ones. You have brought this upon yourself being a smoker!

If you dig Churchill’s grave, who died at ripe old age, he has been buried with his cigar still dangling from his lips.

Everyone in Delhi smokes 10 packets equivalent of fumes a day. Thank you Mitali for posting this piece in Business Standard, my pain is a little relieved.Happy Diwali, pass the nebuliser please

Everyone in Delhi breathes equivalent of 10 packets of cigarettes a day, more if one travels on a two wheeler or worst, jogs. So another packet would be a marginal dose, you agree. Those who travel by three wheelers are perennially facing SUV and bus exhausts in traffic and can’t do a thing.

This Diwali gift yourself a gas mask (sorry Mitali for copying and modifying your last lines).


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