Recipe Paradox

You know the Haber Process. Yes, you know it. Nitrogen and Hydrogen produce Ammonia.
N2+ 3H2 (iron catalyst 400C, 200atm) —>2NH3 that is Ammonia.
With this recipe alone if you are able to make NH3, God save the technology selling companies.
Similarly, making chapatis is so easy. Take flour, add water, make a little less stiff dough. Roll circular chapatis, roast on one side on a tawaa that is skillet, roast on another side, and then straight on flame.

Can someone make chapatis with this recipe? Try today, if you are a novice. And burn your hands literally and figuratively.
Someone once said famously, “We do not want foreigners selling us potato chips technology, but Silicone chips technology. Sharad Joshi, the president of Shetkari Sangathana of Maharashtra, wrote an article in TOI explaining what a hi-tech item potato chip is. For starters out of 40 odd varieties of potato only two are suitable for good chips.

If it is so easy making good chips, what is Frito Lay doing in India.

Why Uber is in India is because taxi service is a very high tech operation, and we have made a mess of it in the last 60 years.

Running a country ​
Running a country and running it efficiently is serious business, requiring technology.​

​Like space tech, and nuclear tech, every country must develop it with no assistance from outside. E=mC2 is not enough to make a reactor.

You also can not make a reactor by boond -boond बूँद बूँद contribution, or by inviting suggestions from class-fellows. One has to have an organization like BARC and TIFR with their scientist staff and facilities.

So two possibilities

Either we chose our “governors” by inviting bio-datas, and selecting people with good experience, track record and education; or whatever guys we get through elections, we try to convert to great “governors” by a crash course of six months at a specialized school. Both are infeasible propositions.

We outsource our government?The experiment in 1857 got screwed. The outsourcing company gobbled up the Principal.

Any other suggestions?


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