Our obsession with size

Lets hear the moms talking in the old and new scenarios:
  • उसका बेटा कितना छोटा है और दिन में चार रोटी खाता है, तू दो भी नहीं खाता.(Her young son eats four Roti, you don’t eat even two)
  • मैं बेटे के लिए भेजती हूँ पांच किलो घी  हॉस्टल में, एक महीने में कुछ तो खायेगा ना. (I send four Kg butter-fat in a month to my son)
  • उसने एक मिलियन का लिया था, अब उसको बेच दिया और कैलिफ़ोर्निया में ही बड़ा घर ले लिया है. (He sold his one million house, and got another one in CA, USA.)


In the office scene:

What is your order-booking till now, I have exceeded 300 million?

His cubicle is not as large as Patel’s

Featured image

Our organization is Rs 70,000 crores, there are 60,000 employees!

I have 1500 sq foot house, with a large yard behind, and three baths.

footfalls, eyeballs, branches, (Big bazaar-Pantaloon) space after next expansion, all excite us.

Planted 30000 saplings on the Green Day (how many lasted one year?)

Even wettest place, yes wettest place, highest peak (we think Nepal is India, try telling that to the Nepalese), longest day, biggest glacier, hottest chilli mirchi (as if we manufactured them!)

size size size size size


We Indians are obsessed with bigger, longer, higher, costlier.

Like what my friend Dinesh said there is a defective gene somewhere in the South Asian race, that prompts us to talk more about size than quality. I would guess there is a co-relation with heart disease somewhere. “His parents both lived to 90 years of age (and made everyone around them miserable!)”. The successful among us work 14 hours a day (solving crosswords). Maximum number of open heart operations by one doctor (how many were unnecessary?).

Did we ever talk quality? Were five Pandavas better than 100+1 Kauravas? Whom would you chose, the Ekta Kapoor assembly line of dramas, or Shoojit Sarkar’s rare cinema? Did we ever celebrate a Warren Buffet, who lives in a small house, drives a small car and gives 24 billion (yes billion, not million) to charity! Why? There are such people who are not obsessed with this longer and stronger stuff, but they are a minority.

Freud the great would have winked reading the subject of this blog; and you?


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