Our obsession with HARD work

An Old Story

Long ago, a TV set (Black and White) used to cost Rs 2000, three months’ salary of a person, equivalent to Rs 100,000. in today’s money terms!

My cousin used to repair B&W TVs. One Sunday I accompanied him on a service call. It was a truck driver’s house. F90+ temperature, daytime. Brijesh opened the TV from behind. Tried all the tricks, his ustaad had taught him. After half an hour he was as clueless as he was in the first 5 minutes. He was sweating, so was I. The host’s wife offered us some cold drink. Brijesh concluded that the trouble with the set was more serious than what he thought.

I thought the owner would be shouting at us for being untrained and useless. He looked at us, sweating, and complimented Brijesh for trying so hard. He even paid him fifty bucks. I learned my lesson.IMG_20141007_0014


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