Those were good old days. Cities were small. ISBT had three buses, one going north to Sonepat, another going west, to Rohtak, and one going south, to Gurgaon. ISBT was located at Westend cinema, in Sadar Bazar, Bara Tooti.

Water for all purposes (including drinking) used to be a 24 hour supply, pressurized to reach ground floor and the first floor. There was no need to store water. Trams were comfortable, from Subzi Mandi to Red Fort, and then there were Horse Tongas.

Pine Nut

Mosquitoes were not a menace, it was really a good night under the stars (not the “Good Night” fumes in closed doors of today). Pine nuts (chilgoza) were available and eaten by children. Loquat was not extinct. Falsaa, khirni and Shahtoot were a plenty.450px-Eriobotrya_japonica3

Loquat fruit (http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Eriobotrya_japonica3.jpg)

Children used to talk (person to person) not through SMS, and whatsapp.

Was not Delhi “smart” in those days?


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