Cauliflower Simplistic

I love Cauliflower as an edible flower, which looks good and has great aroma. This flower was 700 gms,​  (Indian Rupees 12 per Kg), very tender and soft.

So I added a few boiled potatoes, and sauteed onions​, garlic, green chillies​, turmeric, jeera​ and ginger, in the large​ Japanese​ non stick pan (10″ dia and 2 inch deep)​, a little water and kept it on to boiling covered with a large plate (thaali)​.

R​educed heat and kept it for a very short while say five minutes.

Added a little salt and lemon juice. Result was very edible and al dente.

Have a look.

​…again can’t send the aroma through the satellite!​
गोभी सीधा साधा
Cauliflower preparation

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