Indian cooking, with no oil

IMG_20150511_211240Cooked French beans with carrots and potatoes in a North Indian “Sabzi” to be eaten with chapatis.

The Carrot is an “English” carrot lighter than the Indian variety, and is less juicy and less sweet, it does not get squished. hence preferred.

This has no oil added and is a pretty simple dish to prepare. all the time taken is in dicing one carrot, potatoes (two medium), and a pound of beans with ends clipped. I like my vegetables washed and skinned (pesticides reside in the skin….so do the vitamins and minerals…but…) Everything cut small for ease of cooking. Time taken in winters and in summers are different, ambient in summers is 32C in kitchen, and in winters 10C. So after the Pressure cooker emits first whistle and we switch off the gas on the stove, the remnant cooking in winters is not that prolonged as in summer, you got the point! I also chose to add two diced tomatoes.

Loaded the French beans, potatoes, carrot and tomatoes in a three liter cooker and added 50ml or so water. Also a little turmeric, two chopped green chillies, chopped ginger, some coriander powder, and a little salt. Closed the lid, waited for the whistle and switched off the gas immediately after the whistle.

Garam masala (Curry powder) and lemon juice (a tea spoonful) was added after the pressure in the cooker had come down on its own, that is the cooking time. Tomatoes juices mixed with the 50 ml water, and the coriander gives the dish the required “body”. I did not add any onion, garlic, or cilantro leaves, because they overpower the delicate aroma of the beans.

Aroma unfortunately does not travel on the internet circuit. Sirf ehsaas hai ye rooh se mahsoos karo. I am sorry, even ehsaas and rooh can not be effectively translated in English language.

“Season it, and season it again” my favorite chef says. I love those guys who love to cook, simply by feel. It is heavenly. Ever seen an accomplished artist painting by measurements. The scale is for school kids. Same is true for kitchen, scale is for the novice. What says thou?  I taste the beans, adjust the seasoning, and taste it again. Heavenly!

English carrot
English carrot

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