Beetroot Soup

IMG_3277 Can you see the soup here in this bowl, nearly all soup already eaten. Very little left in the bottom. I found this an interesting photo similar to an eye.

Preparing any soup is easy. Take all the vegetables you want in the soup, and peel them if needed and make smaller pieces, easy to boil and mesh. Pressure cook these with water, then with an electric hand blender mash them into pulp and pass through a sieve.

Further add water for proper consistency and boil if you want to. Not necessary. Actually there are many steps in Indian cooking which have been performed over centuries, mom did it, therefore. You must sit down, adopt a meditator’s stance and with that new found awareness ask yourself a question,” Is it really necessary?”. If there is an inner voice saying no, just skip it. That is good cooking. You will learn by tasting. Adjust the seasoning to your taste. This cooking is called स्वान्तः सुखाय meaning ‘for personal pleasure’. Adjust the looks of the food as well. It must look great, smell great and taste great. It must be good to feel on the tongue and by hand. That is the food of the gods.

Back to the soup, I had Beetroot and carrots. For a little sour taste I added tomatoes. In Delhi you get two varieties of tomatoes, one is less pulpy and sour, the other has thick flesh and sweet, I chose the more rounded, sour one. Boiled the carrots, beet and tomatoes, mashed, and sieved. Added a little water and salt and pepper, the soup was ready.

No oil, no cheese, more or less calorie-less. More or less no sodium! Dripping with fragrance, color, taste, and health. No limit to eating (actually slurping) any time of the day.

Let me know how you feel now.IMG_3283


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