Indian Daily Food

The Basic Indian Food

Suppose you are an Indian in the year 1960. You get up at 0600 am, and have breakfast at 0900, before walking 4kms to your workplace. You carry lunch with you, which you eat at 0100pm. You walk back home around 0630 and eat dinner at 0800, and go to sleep at 1000pm.

For most of the Indians, this was a routine for many many years. Till Pizzas and Burgers invaded us.

Supper as a word was unheard of. Evening tea existed only for the rich (and how many were rich….nearly none). Tea itself was non-existent. Snacks were available, mostly fritters, or similar; but again not a daily affair. BECAUSE cooking was done on burning coals, and the fire used to take a long time to start, and to put out. So, it was used only twice a day.

No wonder all the walk, physical labor and simple food kept people healthy. Cholesterol as a word was not in the dictionary. Everyone used to eat tonnes of saturated fat, and trans-fats……… still!


So what was this breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Roti, with Sabzi and daal in breakfast, Roti, sabzi and daal at noon, and Roti, Sabzi and daal in the evening. I presume all these words are from Persian language, which percolated in the North Indian lingo with the armies invading India.

Roti is flat wheat bread (described in yesterday’s blog), Subzi literally means ‘the greens’ in Persian or Arabic, therefore cooked vegetables. Boiled Potatoes with gravy was a favorite Sabzi, though it is not a green by definition. And daal is anything that is the seed of a bean; split in half. For hundreds of years, Indians have torn a small portion of Roti by hand, used it like a spoon to pick some vegetable, or daal, and dunked it in the mouth. Three or four Rotis or Chapaatis (synonyms) with 100 gms each of “cooked watery daal” and Sabzi was enough for a guy.

Some of my blogs show examples of what we know as sabzi or dry vegetables. I will do a detailed blog on a zero-oil daal soon.

You will love to read it and then cook it, and eat it. The basic Indian stuff, generic term for food is “daal-roti” in India.


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